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Air particle counter

This air particle counter can measure the particle in the air, with 2.83L/min air flow and 28.3L/min large air flow testing.




CHY002 WITH LED particle counter

Features:(Meet JJF1190-2008 particle counter standard

1.      Self-purification ≤10min

2.       Repeatability≤±10%FS

3.       Error of particle size≤±30%

4.      Error of particle concentration≤±30%

5.       Error of air volume2.83L/Min≤±5%

6.      SafetyInsulation Resistance20M (Normal atmosphere)

Other parameter

1.      Power source:220VAC±10%50HZ

2.       Max particle concentration≤300,000/2.83L

3.      Size channels0.0.10um

4.       Range of purification class100300000 Class

5.        Overall Size270×210×120mm L×W×H

6.       Weight3.5KG

Environmental Conditions

1.      Temperture5℃—35℃

2.      HumidityRH≤75%

3.      Normal atmospherecleanroom

1. Built-in printer
auto-printer test report.
2. Instruction,certification of inspection,Test report,guarantee card,tripod,printing paper,easy to use.Aluminium alloy package,portable,detachable-retractable measuring tube.


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air particle counter