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Used for measuring Leakage of system


 This Ultrasonic Gas Leakage Detector is designed to locate the source of the ultrasonic emissions generated by gas or air leaks. The leakage level is displayed by "LED Display Panel", and is covered to audible sound by either internal buzzer or to external optional earphone.


Used for measuring Leakage of system. Applicable to detect Leaks in refrigeration and air condition systems, Leaks in heating system, Internal leaks in steam transfers, Compressed air leaks, Tire & tube leaks, Engine seals, Electrical arcing, The bearing problems, Bake system. With the Ultrasonic transmitter, it is applicable to Air leaks around door & window gaskets & seals, Water leaks in roofs, Conduit & pipe identification, Door & trunk seals, Windshield leaks.

Human ear can hear sound frequency up to 18 KHz. The sound frequency above 20 KHz is categorized as ultrasonic sound which is not audible. Ultrasonic sound is very directional in nature. We can utilize this nature to pinpoint the exact origin of the sound source where the leak is located. Physics tells us that the gas always flows from the higher pressure region to the lower one. When the pressure difference is only a small opening, the turbulence created by the gas through the small hole then generates ultrasonic sound. In the non pressurized state, the ultrasonic transmitter is applicable, ultrasonic wave can leak from the small hole. Ultrasonic gas leakage detector is designed based on the above simple physics.

Leakage Sensitivity Indicator
LED display panel & audible tone. (LED display is a relative measurement only. Audible tone is the frequency of the received ultrasonic sound divided by 32.)
Frequency Response
20 KHz to 100 Khz.
Power Supply
4x1.5 AAA(UM-4) battery
Power Consumption
Approx. DC 25 mA.
Operating Temperature
0 to 50 C ( 32 to 122 F ).
Operating Humidity
Max. 80% RH.
Approx. 140 g/0.31 lb (including battery).
HWD 236 x 63 x 26 mm (9.3 x 2.5 x 1.0 inch)