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soil moisture meter rc-50 rc-50t rc-50g rc-50tg

Soil moisture instrument

Product Introduction

Soil moisture is an important component of the soil, and plays an important role in the growth of crops. through fast accurate measurement of soil moisture, control the soil moisture of farmland, not only conducive to the implementation of water-saving irrigation, and at the same time, the precise water supply can also improve the yield and quality of crops.

Name: Soil moisture measuring instrument

Model: RC-50,RC-50T,RC-50G, RC-50TG







Functional differences

Can directly get the soil moisture, can real time save the data, and can export the data with computer, it has software with functions of storage and print

Add the function of testing soil temperature

Add the function of  GPS which you can use to get the latitude and longitude of your test points

.Add the function of testing soil temperature and GPS

Technical parameters:

1, measuring parameters, soil volumetric water content and soil temperature

2, unit: % (m3 / m3), ℃

3, measuring accuracy: moisture: ±2%, within 0 ~ 50%, temperature: 1℃

4, response time: 2 seconds or less

5, range: 0-99.9%

6, work temperature: - 10 ℃ to + 60 ℃

7, data record: 2000

8, power supply: 4 batteries


Function characteristics:

1. The large screen liquid crystal display in English, diaphragm button, can real-time display the moisture value (water temperature), the group number.

2.4 batteries, with low voltage warning function and power protection.

3. Special aluminum alloy case, light weight, convenient for field operation.

4. Download and store data, can store files directly into EXCEL

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