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наименование продукции:Монитор диоксида углерода

модель продукции:F2000IAQ-CO2-30XX/50XX

CO2 Carbon Dioxide Monitor and Controller


Multiple functions and high performance with low prices

Wall mounting type and duct type selectable

LCD display detecting both CO2 level and temperature, also relative humidity (optional)

NDIR infrared CO2 module inside with special ABC_Logic Self Calibration System. It makes the CO2 measurement more accurate and more reliable in use.

15 years lifetime of CO2 sensor

Microprocessor control, quick response, high precision

Providing up to three 0~10V analog output or up to three relay dry-contact outputs

The analog output with two alternatives: linearized over full range output or PID control output

Different control mode for delays can be selected by user’s application, for example for ventilation or for greenhouse or other applications.

Locale adjustable range of CO2: 0~20,000ppm or 0~50,000;

adjustable range of temperature: 5~45℃;adjustable range of humidity:5~95%RH

RS-485 communication interface optional, 15KV antistatic protection, independent base address setting

наименование продукции:Монитор диоксида углерода

модель продукции:F2000IAQ-CO2-3003D

Especially designed for agriculture equipments such as greenhouses, food and vegetable storages. Real-time detecting CO2 level, temperature and humidity with the local programmable control.

Wall mounting, LCD display

Carbon dioxide sensor, temperature sensor and humidity sensor are internal. The three values can be apart set.

Non-Dispersive Infrared Detector (NDIR) CO2 sensor, 15 years lifetime, CO2 setting range is selectable: 0~2000ppm / 0~20000ppm / 0~50000ppm

Special ABC Logic with patented Self Calibration Algorithm makes the CO2 sensor used up to 15 years

Temperature setting range: 5~45℃

Humidity setting range: 5~95%RH

Provid three relays outputs to control a CO2 generator, a temperature device and a humidity devise or a ventilator.

Special photosensitive sensor detection can make the working mode of the CO2 generator changeover automatically in day and night.

Provide brightness adjustment range to make day/night limit setting by end users.

RS-485 communication interface with 15KV antistatic protection makes the controller being connected with PC (option)

Multiple functions, high performance, low price, make it praiseworthily.

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