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espectrofotômetro de fluorescência F96Pro

* Two operation mode could be chosen: fluorescence intensity and luminous intensity. Fluorescence scanning, kinetic determination and quantity analysis could be done under fluorescence intensity mode. * 365nm exciting wavelength Raman peak of water in 1 cm quartz fluorescence cuvette S/N≥150 High performance sensitivity simplifies the measurement of low detective sample. * 10 stages gain adjustment could be chosen for emission spectrum scanning, including high speed low S/N scanning and precise scanning. Total spectrum scanning could be done in 1 second. With the intelligent pre scanning feature, unknown sample's spectrum information could be detected rapidly. Auto-omission of the influence of scattering peak and harmonic peaks, it ensure the best measurement parameters and locate the fluorescence emission peak. * Support off-line mode and on-line mode. Under off-line mode, instrument's computer system offer the fluorescence intensity measurement, concentration direct reading, auto 0 adjustment, auto background subtraction and etc. Under on-line mode, we could use quality and quantity software to control data acquisition and analysis through USB2.0 interface. *High stable and long life 150W xenon lamp and power source ensure high stable testing and wide range of spectrum. * The normalized feature for fluorescence value could make different fluorescence's result comparable. * Provide optional PC qualitative and quantitative software package with expansible time scanning, wavelength scanning, graphic calculation and storage-access abilities。 * Optional accessories for different measurement, including single hole cell holder, fluorescence sample holder for different features, 200μl micro scale centrifuge tube, micro scale capillary sample holder, semi-auto sample introduction accessories, membrane sample accessories, powder sample accessories, jacket sample accessories and etc.
Fluorescence analysis is a high sensitive and high selective sophisticated analytical method. This method can provide information including excitation and emission spectrum, emission light intensity and measurement of life of emission light and polarization fluorescence etc. This method can provide a wide lineal range of working curve. It has becoming an important analytical method in the region of trace analysis. This method has been used in: 1. Medical science and clinical analysis Clinical analysis of biological specimen. 2. Pharmaceutical science and pharmacology Analysis of natural pharmaceutical products; Quality control of pharmaceuticals and research of pharmaceutical metabolites. 3…Biochemistry Analysis of minute quantity of substances in biological body. 4.Food industry Analysis of minute quantity of constituents in food. 5. Pollution analysis Atmospheric pollution, environmental testing and food contamination analysis. 6. Organic and inorganic chemistry Used in the trace analysis in case of those substances cannot be determined by absorption spectrophotometry.
1.Light source:Hamamatsu 150W Xenon lamp 2.Exciting optical filters:Interference optical filter *Standard set is equipped with an interference optical filter of central wavelength at 365nm and 10nm bandwidth *An optional interference optical filer of 25mm diameter of wavelength of 250-700 nm can be provided on users demand. 3. Emission monochromator:C-T diffraction grating(Em 200~900nm,bandwidth 10nm)Wavelength accuracy±1nm Wavelength repeatability ≤0.5nm 4. Sensitivity:Raman peak of water in 1 cm quartz fluorescence cuvette with S/N≥150 5. Linear measurement(r): ≥0.995 6. Stability: better than 1.5%/10min 7. Variation of power source: 220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz 8. Response time: (0.1-4)s 6 stages adjustable 9. Fluorescence display value: 0.00-600.00 10. Data transmission: USB2.0
Standard Package Main instrument 1 set 365nm filter(Preassembled) 1 pc F96PRO software package 1 set Power cable 1 pc USB wire 1 pc Instruction manual 1 copy Product quality certificate 1 copy Fuse(2A) 2 pcs Fuse(5A) 2 pcs Quartz fluorescence sample cell10mm 1 pair Packing list 1 copy Optional Spare Parts and Accessories 1. Fuses(2A/5A) 2. 200~700nm interference optical filter(φ25mm) 3. Quartz fluorescence sample cell10mm 4. Personal computer 5. Printer cable 6. Dedicated serial interface printer See more details in Page 24 of F96PRO Instruction Manual

espectrofotômetro UV-VIS 752s

 The 752s UV-Visible spectrophotometer is a concise easy-operated general use spectrophotometric instrument.,It can measure transmittance,absorbance and direct reading within the wavelengths of 200-960 nm.,Wavelength regulated by buttom,the 2nm bandwidth can satisfy almost all metered tests request, adopt the Japanese Hamamatsu original L2D2 long life、 high brightness、high stable Lamp Combination& technology can reduce the maintenance and lower the customer usage cost。This instrument is widely used in medical science and hygiene, clinical analysis, biochemistry, petroleum chemical industry, environmental monitoring and quality control department for qualitative and quantitative analyses。

Features 1. Optical system: Diffraction grating C-T monochromator; 2. Light source: the series of L2D2 of Japanese Hamamatsu original L2D2 long life(above 3000 hours)、 high brightness、high stable deuterium lamp and RoYal long life (above 10000 hours)tungsten lamp; high stable & credibility of light source with patent technical Combination; 3. Receiver:Hamamatsu 1226 UVReceiver 4. 4RS-232C serial port interface attached,Optional serial printer;Data processing software& Optional serial printer are attached; 5. Wavelength regulated by buttom;Concentration factor setting and direct read-out ability; 6. Auto-zero and auto-100%(τ) adjustment; 7.Large sample compartment,4-positions sample cuvette rack,optional 5cm optical length rectangular cuvettes。

Wavelength range:(200-960)nm Wavelength accuracy:±2nm Wavelength repeatability:1nm Spectrum bandwidth:2nm Transmittance accuracy:±0.5%(τ)(NBS SRM930D) Transmittance repeatability:0.3%(τ) Stray light:≤0.2%(τ)(360nm, NaNO2) (220nm, NaI) interface: RS232 serial port print:Optional serial printer (Spare Parts)

Standard Parts: 1. Main instrument 1 set 2. Power cable 1 pc 3. Instruction manual 1 copy 4. Quality certificate of product 1copy 5. Fuses (2 A) 2 pcs 6. 1cm rectangular cuvette (glass) 2 boxes (4 pcs) 7. 1cm rectangular cuvette(quartz) 1 box(2 pcs) 8. 1cm optical path cuvette rack(LG5.084.001) 1 pair 9. Packing list 1 copy Optional Accessories and Spare Parts: 1. Fuse(2A/3A) 2. Rectangular cuvette 1/2/3/5cm(glass)、1 cm(quartz hermetical) 3. 5cm optical path cuvette rack(LG5.084.005) 4. Data processing software package(set) (for personal computer) 5. RS-232C serial port cord 6. Optional serial printer 7. Praseodymium-neodymium optical filter 8. Holmium oxide optical filter

espectrofotômetro UV-VIS Gold S54T

1. Japanese Hamamatsu L2D2 steady、high-luminosity、more than 3000hours lifetime Deuterium lamp、Japanese more than 10000hours lifetime Halogen-Tungsten Lamp,Hamamatsu 1226 UV-receiver;patent compages technology of lamp parts. 2. Automatically wide range of wavelength scanning & dynamics scanning. 3. Non-spherical optical path of light source, CT grating monochromator. 4. Large sample compartment,4-positions sample cuvette rack,optional 5cm optical length rectangular cuvettes. 5. With a special software for spectrogram scanning & quantitative data processing , operating prompt with menu . 6. built-in RS-232C serial port interface & standard parallel print port .
The Gold S54T UV-Visible spectrophotometer is a 2nm spectral slit width concise easy-operated general use spectrophotometric instrument with wide rang of wavelength. It can measure transmittance,absorbance and direct reading within the wavelengths of 190-1100 nm. This instrument is widely used in medical science and hygiene, clinical analysis, biochemistry, petroleum chemical industry, environmental monitoring and quality control department for qualitative and quantitative analyses.
Optical system: Diffraction grating C-T monochromator Wavelength range: 190~1100nm(GS54T) Light source: Hamamatsu L2D2 long life high stable deuterium & tungsten lamp combination Receiver: Hamamatsu 1226 UV receiver Wavelength accuracy: ±1nm(GS54T) Wavelength repeatability: 0.5 nm Transmittance accuracy: ±0.5%(t) (NBS SRM930D) Transmittance repeatability: 0.3%(t) Spectrum bandwidth: 2nm Stray light: ≤0.2%(t) (360nm, NaNO2) (220nm, NaI) Display scales: (T):0.0~199.9% (A):-0.3~2.999 (F):1~9999 (C):0~9999 Power source: 220V±22V 50Hz±1Hz RS-232C serial port interface & standard parallel print port
Standard Package: 1. Gold S54T Spectrophotometer 1 set 2. 1cm rectangular cuvette(crystal) 1 case(2 pcs) 3. 1cm rectangular cuvette(glass) 2 case(4 pcs) 4. 4 position cuvette rack 1 pc 5. Power cable 1 pc 6. Operating manual 1 pc 7. Certification of quality 1 pc 8. Packing list 1 pc 9. Fuse (2A) 2 pcs 10. Qualitative-quantitative data processing software package of spectrophotometer for matching with PC Optional Accessories & Spare Parts Fuse (2A/3A) Light source with pre-aligned lamp rack( halogen lamp, deuterium lamp) Rectangular cuvette 1, 2, 3, 5 cm(glass)、1 cm(quartz hermetical) 5 cm optical path cuvette rack RS232C serial interface cable Optional PC Jet printer Printer cable 10.Praseodymium-neodymium optical filter 11.Holmium oxide optical filter

 Espectrofotômetro visível S23A

S23A spectrophotometer is designed for the purpose of education and general analysis in low cost,It can use Φ10-Φ16mm tube or rectangular cuvette in sample department,high reliable and operate easily. It can be used for environmental protection、education etc , qualitative analysis & quantitative analysis can be done。
1.The instrument has variable wavelength and four scales: transmittance absorbency concentration and factor. 2.Using universal test tubes or cuvette to make measure directly. 3.The instrument is micro computerized and easy in operation. 4.The 12nm spectral slit width provides the sensitivity required for almost any application. 5.One solid-state silicon detector covers entire wavelength range, eliminating the need to change detectors between different analysis. 6.It is easy to replace the unit of instrument specially the Unit of the Pre-adjusted light source, and make it convenient to maintain. 7.Free adjusting for filter exchange. 8.The grating and toroidal mirrors are selected in optical system。
Wavelength Range:340-950nm Wavelength Accuracy:±2.5nm Wavelength Repeatability:≤1nm Spectral Slit width:12nm Photometry Accuracy:±2%(T) (tube), ±0.5%(T) (cuvette) Photometry Repeatability:0.3%τ Voltage Requirements:220V±10% or 110V±10% Photometry Range:0.0~199.9%(T) -0.3~2.999 A 1~9999 F 0~9999 C Interface: RS232 serial & parallel interface Print: serial printer Any printer (for software)
How to select the test tube Generally the round test tube is not for optic purpose unless it is pre-checked strictly. We can select it as follow: 1. Check size. (The size should be f12+0.4×100 mm) 2. Check the surface of tube. (It should be no bubbles, no scabs, no thread like things.) 3. Warming instrument according to § ~ § and set the wavelength at 360 nm. 4. Pour some pure water into tube and insert it to the test tube well in sample apartment. Check it just as § Then put some mark on the tube opposite the white mark at the instrument. 5. Put the other test tube into instrument one by one and get the readout for everyone and put mark at everyone. We can divide them in many groups. In each group the differential of readout for every tub is less then ±0.02A. 6. Then we can use tubes in same group for blank, sample, and standard solution needn’t check the tube every time.

Espectrofotômetro visível S22PC

S22PC Spectrophotometer is a compact and easy to operate instrument. It can be applied in measurement of transmittance, absorbance and direct concentration readout of transparent material. They have been versatility employed in the fields of hygiene and medicine, clinical examination, biochemistry, petrol chemical engineering, environmental monitoring and inspections, and quality controls for qualitative and quantitative analysis of concerning samples。
1.Aspherical light source optics, Curny-terner configuration diffraction grating monochromator.; 2.Simple & clear keyboard operation is convenient to realize auto 0% T &100% T adjustment T/A transformation、、factor setting and direct concentration readout function; 3.With RS232 parallel interface,special serial printer can be chosen for printing data directly; 4.With RS232 serial interface,data processing package compatible,Transmittance and Absorbance 、Standard Curve Mode 、Quantitative Analysis Mode are provided; 5.Spacious sample compartment, 4 position cell rack, adaptable for 1-5 cm optical path rectangular cells。
1) Wavelength Range: 340-1000nm 2) Light Source Lamp: Halogen-Tungsten Lamp 20W/12V 3) Wavelength Accuracy: ±2 nm 4) Wavelength Reproducibility: 1 nm 5) Band width: 6 nm 6) Photometric Accuracy: ±0.5%(T)(SRM930D) 7) Photometric Reproducibility: 0.3%(T) 8) Stray Light: £0.2%(T) 9) Noise: ±0.5%(T) 10) Scale Display: TRANS: 0-199.9% ABS: -0.3-2.999 FACT: 1-9999 CONC: 0-9999 11) Power Requirement: 220V/110V±10% 50/60 Hz 12) Interface: RS232 serial & parallel l interface 13) Print: serial printer/general printer (windows compatible; use software package )
Standard Package 1) S22PC main unit 1 Set 2) 1 cm Rectangular cell 1 Case (4 PCs) 3) 4 position cell holder 1 PC. 4) Power cable 1 PC. 5) Operation manual 1 PC. 6) Certificate of quality checking 1 PC. 7) Fuse (2A) 1 PC. Optional Spare Parts and Accessories 1) Fuse (2A/3A) 2) Source lamp assembly complete with pre-adjusted lamp holder 3) Rectangular cells 1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm 4) 5 cm cell rack 5) Spectrophotometer data processing software package for cooperate with PC 6) RS-232C serial cable 

Espectrofotômetro NIR S410

Application field: liquid dope samples(gasoline, drink and milk, etc.) Optical system: grating monochromator Detector: InGaAs Interface: RS232 serial port
* Transmission NIR,mainly used for liquid samples qualitative and quantitative analysis, applies to gasoline, drinks, milk and other areas of nutrients, water chemistry and other physical properties of the rapid non-destructive analysis determination. * Single-channel whole spectrum scanning. * Easily updated. * Fast scan, wavelength calibrates time from 900nm to 1700nm less than 2 minutes. * Built in SCM technology, auto 0% and auto background subtraction.
1. Wavelength Accuracy:±1nm 2. Wavelength Reproducibility:≤1nm 3. Wavelength Scanning Interval: 4nm or 8nm or 16 nm 4. Wavelength Range:(900-1700)nm 5. Absorbance Reproducibility:0.002A (at 0.4A) 6. S/N:≥ 103 (at 1500nm) 7. Scanning Time:≤2mins
Standard Package Main instrument 1 set Power cord 1 pc Data processing software package 1 set RS-232C serial communication cable 1 pc User manual 1 pc Packing list 1 copy Product quality certificate 1 copy Fuse(2A) 2 pcs 1cm quartz square sample cell 1 pair 1cm cell holder 1 pc Optional Spare Parts and Accessories Laptop 1 pc

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