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BM001 Air volume tester Balometer
BM001 Balometer using pitot tube type principle,multipoint and repeatedly auto-detect the wind pressure,it’s easy,high velocity and precise.Widely used for HVAC、Purification technology industy etc,directly test the tuyere and pipeline air flow,realize general management for central air-conditioning,meanwhile realize parameter autocontrol for temperature,humidity and cleanliness.Adjusted tripod with truckle instead of handheld,which raise up to 3.2m. BM001 can test the air supply outlet and return-air inlet,quite convenient. BM001 obtained Chinese patent.Each BM001 have to past strict inspection before leave factory.After multipoint air flow adjusted by Class 0.5 wind tunnel calibration device,the quality is assured.


LCD display,print interface

Built-in battery, continuous working>30 hours

Data saved without power(within 4hours)

Test Range






Date Storage

1000samples,rotating buffer

Environmental conditions:
Relative Humidity:15%~ 70%RH
Forbid to test corrosive gas

Standard Accessories:
Hood:Size available 570×570 (mm) 830×830 (mm)
7.2V battery and changer
Optional Accessories:
Adjusted tripod
Outside printer 
Date analysis system

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